I have always been a “fashionista” especially when it came to jewelry. I was always on the look out for pieces that were amazing and funky. Almost always when I was wearing my newest find, my friends would ask me where I bought it and where could they get it. So I started buying 5 to 10 extra pieces when I found something unusual and I would sell them to my friends when they asked or give them as gifts.

In August of 2007 I was heading to Dallas and then Toronto for a BeautiControl Conference and I realized the Toronto Gift Show was the same weekend so I immediately went and got a business license and PST number so I could check it out!

I was going to that show so I could buy at wholesale prices! I have always liked to shop and this was a dream come true!

So I bought and bought and overspent of course and when I returned home, I started to panic. How am I going to sell all these purses and jewelry? I couldn’t possibly use them all. I thought I would take them along to my SPA parties and sell them there but I realized quickly that I had too much inventory to carry it all around with me.

Fortunately I was able to rent a small retail space in the Hart Center Mall and when I say small it was small! Any of you who have been to our first store knows I am not exaggerating when I say small. It was under 300 sq ft. We did an amazing business in there for almost 6 months thanks to all of you.

Then in May we were able to finally make our move into the new, much larger location and we still feel like we need more room.

So in one sentence to sum up how we came about, I would have to say,
I turned my addiction into a business“.